Why backup?

  • 1 in every 4 computer users will suffer a critical data loss this year.

  • Over 500,000 computers were stolen last year.

  • Disk and other hardware failures are so numerous that major
    disk and computer manufacturers/resellers are reducing their warranties to 12 months.

  • Over 25% of data loss is a result of computer program errors, software viruses and natural disasters (factors completely out of your control).

  • Data loss will cost business an estimated $12 Billion this year.

Sounds scary? There is good news:

  • You don't have to back up your entire computer, just do your data. Programs and Windows can be reinstalled..

  • You can backup all of your data with our online secure backup service. It is totally automated, secure and stores your data OFFSITE, so in the event that you need your data from a different location, YOU CAN GET IT.

My Recommended Solution

What do I use for my backup solution? I have an online backup service. Now, I offer it to my customers as well. You can purchase secure online backup that will store your data offsite.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment to setup your backup!